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my name is gabe and i have no idea what is going on.

PSA: when you turn rape into a “teach men not to rape women” issue you sound like an idiot

  • people of all genders can be raped and can rape 
  • give voice to every victim
  • acknowledge every rapist
  • stop being ignorantly heteronormative
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Currently standing outside Buckner’s Mansion where ahs was filmed nbd
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"i am so thankful for the nosebleeds" - dec. 2013
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i secretly love you


why’s it gotta be a secret

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Leonora Carrington 1917 - 2011
She died Wednesday, aged 94, in Mexico. I took these images in 2008, my last trip to Mexico and fell in love with her art immediately. I found them completely by chance, walking Avenida Federale, on my way to the Museo Nacional de Antropologia in Mexico City.
Read more about her here